The General Data Protection Regulation was put forward by the European Commission on 25 January 2012. It is a proposed update to the Data Protection Directive from 1995. This campaign is designed to make sure that the Regulation gives us stronger privacy rights.

The current proposals are a stronger and more enforceable assertion of existing principles. The Regulation outlines a number of measures that would give people more control over their data and make sure businesses that handle data play by the rules, ensuring they are held to account for their data practices.

The campaign is a response to the unprecedented lobbying from tech companies, the US Government and the advertising industry. They are all trying to weaken the Regulation and make it easier for companies to use personal information in opaque, unaccountable ways.

We have produced a short, free report which explains why we need a new law. It features new analysis from privacy experts that reveals how many proposed changes to the Regulation would strip people of their privacy rights.